How Do I Restore An Accidentally Uninstalled App In Windows 10

In my previous article i covered how to easily remove default apps in windows 10 using windows 10 app remover. Windows 10 comes with many preinstalled modern apps that some users prefer to remove in order to save disk space if they dont use them.

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How do i restore an accidentally uninstalled app in windows 10.

If you read our guide for removing windows 10 built in apps and you accidentally or purposely deleted the store app but you cant bring it back now then just follow the methods we describe in this article.
Luckily there are ways to recover uninstalled programs on windows 10.
If you accidentally deleted windows operating system on your computer you wont be able to boot your computer normally and all the data on your pc become inaccessible.

We know that microsofts latest os windows 8 comes with brand new store feature which is quite similar to google play or apples app storewindows 8 store allows you to download and install various useful and interesting apps which are free as well as paid.
Its possible that youll get a newer version of the program on.
How to restore accidentally uninstalled built in apps in windows 8.

With a few simple powershell commands you can remove and restore any of the built in apps that come with windows 10.
To recover your deleted operating system in windows 10 and make your computer boot again follow the guide below to get things done.
How to recover deleted windows 10 program files after an update.

If youve recently updated windows 10 and are having problems finding files see find lost files after the upgrade to windows 10.
Its only possible to do this with the help of powershell commands to uninstall default apps from windows 10 or with the help of a free third party tool to uninstall preinstalled apps.
Whether you want to recover the exe file or get the program data you can use easeus data recovery wizard or windows system restore to achieve it.

It happens that you accidentally uninstalled a program on your windows 10 computer and then realized you need to retrieve it.
The first and straightforward fix is reinstalling the program.
If you cant find a file on your computer or you accidently modified or deleted a file you can restore it from a backup if youre using windows backup or you can try to restore it from a previous version.

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